Jan-Albert Joldersma, Co-owner Agricultural Contractor Joldersma

“What this Trac shows is great class!

The brothers Jan Albert and Jan Wiebe Joldersma from Smilde, Drenthe, had never used a Vredo before, but since they switched to it with their family agricultural business last year, they will never go back to another machine. “With this machine, we can truly distinguish ourselves in the market. What this Trac shows is great class,” enthusiastically explains Jan Albert Joldersma.

“Our family business has been operating since 1987. We primarily specialize in agricultural contracting, focusing on arable farming, but we also have a manure trading and transport division,” Jan Albert explains. “In the past, we used two tractors and separate tanks for manure processing. However, as the manure trade declined and one of our employees retired, we thought we might manage with just one self-propelled unit. Since our main focus is on fertilizing arable land, we were in need of a lightweight machine with plenty of power, capable of handling large quantities of manure.” >> Read the story of Jan Albert

Hugo Crijns, Managing Director at Deicke-Agrodienst GmbH

“Our customers don’t compromise.
We either fertilize with a Vredo or not at all. It’s as simple as that.”

Minimal soil compaction and maximum results. Choosing Vredo’s self-propelled machines means opting for absolute top quality. Managing Director Hugo Crijns of Deicke-Agrodienst can attest to that. “In a distant past, we would sometimes show up at arable farmers with a different machine, but we quickly abandoned that practice. In fact, our customers now insist that we use a Vredo. When it comes to protecting the soil, they make no compromises. Our Tracs keep the spray tracks perfectly intact, and due to the clever weight distribution, we can be out in the field extremely early in the season. That pays off!”

Crijns became Managing Director at Deicke-Agrodienst in East Germany after studying horticulture and agriculture at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten. “Our customers are mainly arable farmers who value quality. In spring, we operate in existing crops like wheat, barley, and rapeseed 80% of the time. It’s crucial that we spread the manure as precisely as possible while staying in the spray tracks. With Vredo’s Tracs, it’s child’s play.” >> read the story of Hugo

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